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Grease Trap Treatments To Control Odor and Build Up

Grease Trap / Grease Interceptor:

A Grease Trap is a device that is placed on kitchen cleaning appliances such as sinks & dish washers that collect grease. All food establishments that produce fats, oils, and grease should have a Grease Trap or Grease Interceptor as a part of their kitchen plumbing system to capture the F.O.G.

The Difference:

Many people ask “What’s the difference between a Grease Trap and a Grease Interceptor”. Technically they perform the same job filtering the F.O.G from the water that is washed into the sewer system the only real difference is the size and location. Usually Grease Traps are fitted to the plumbing inside a food service facility and they catch the F.O.G as it flows through the pipes. Most Grease Traps need to be cleaned weekly by removing the “lid”, skimming the grease off the top and scooping the solids from the bottom. Grease Interceptors, on the other hand, are located outside the facility a few feet under the ground and are very large. All of the water wastes that come from the kitchen pass through the interceptor before flowing into the city sewer system. Grease Interceptors are more efficient than Grease Traps and require monthly inspection and periodic cleaning. Grease Interceptors may be accessed from manhole covers located above ground usually a few feet from the building.


How Our Products Work In Your System

ENVIRO-ZYME’s bacteria, when added to your system, attack the grease and organic materials, converting them into carbon dioxide and water. Through continuous use of ENVIRO-ZYME’s bacteria you will notice a significant decrease in odor, maintenance, & emergency blockages.


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