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Cost-effective, purely biological treatment of grease traps and interceptors in food service industry


Benefits of Bacta-Pur System:

  • Biologically digest FOGs (fats, oils, and grease)
  • Eliminate the causes of noxious and toxic odors and corrosion
  • Eliminate pumping, back-ups, and drain line jetting
  • Facilitate grease trap maintenance
  • Reduce use of toxic chemicals
  • Protect the municipal/sewer infrastructure
  • Save money compared to legal grease disposal


The BACTIVATOR automatically and continuously pre-activates, grows and optimizes the physiological condition of ECOPROBIOTICS® to digest grease and sludge and to reduce causes of noxious/toxic odors, prior to injection into the wastewater. This is why the Bacta-Pur System for grease control in grease traps/interceptors succeeds where others fail.


The addition of active, not dormant, bacteria culture is continuous and entire process is done automatically on-site with the BACTIVATOR LS Series 4.



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